Blah Blah, Inc.

I recently received a message that went like this: “Hi, I’m Blah Blah... I live in LA and am doing what everyone else is doing here...” There was other stuff too, but I won't include it, because you're probably already asleep.

Wake up!!! 

I have not yet responded, but this is what I would like to say to her (but won't, don't worry):

Dear Blah Blah,

Mind if I call you Blah Blah? The way you started your email makes you about as interesting as the grown-ups in Charlie Brown. You are a creative person and you were brave enough to move to LA to live out your dream. Therefore, I KNOW you are a fascinating person. So, please, lose the boring intro. Tell me who you are! Because, as you so blatantly reminded me, there are lots of people I could be working with in LA. And the only reason I would want to work with YOU, is because YOU are different. So... how are you different?

What do you love about what you do? Why do you love it? Who inspired you to start? What inspires you to keep going? What are your goals? What are you doing this weekend? I don’t care which exciting details you choose to share, I just want to know who you are, so tell me anything that only you could say. Make me love your story! 

As someone who moved to a big city and is working as a creative, I know how overwhelming it is to look around see so many other people seemingly going after one little prize. But then I realized that it was just an optical illusion. In reality, no one else was going after what I was going after. Because we were all trying to be the CEOs of our own little superstar businesses. And no one can run Blah Blah, Inc. besides you! So if you actually apply for it (and work your butt off), you will get the job. Isn't that awesome news??

So look around at all those other people and see that you are one IN a million! Not one OF a million. You are the only YOU in a sea of unique little businesses. Those other million singers aren’t your competition, they’re your PEEPS! Your best friends and your collaborators. It doesn't have to be scary and intimidating. It could be exciting that you have so many people to work with, if you choose to see it that way! So enjoy it, and go out and meet them! 

Also, please send me a new email, because I'm dying to learn your real name.

Love Love Love,

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  1. I've seen the same thing on dating profiles and never understood it. They often literally say, "I'm like everyone else." my response i salways, "next!"

    I have another musician friend whose has lived a fascinating life that would grab anyone's attention and she buries that after the "I'm like everyone else" section.

    I have never felt for a moment that I was like everyone else. I have never felt that you were like everyone else. None of my friends or artists I love (you are both) are like everyone else. If they were i wouldn't love them. They'd be ambience.

    1. Thanks for the feedback, Gordon. Agreed.. no one is like everyone else. That's the best part :)

  2. Love this! This is exactly what I've been telling my music students. I am definitely sharing this with them!