Little Someone

Little Someone

Once there was a Little Someone
Dreaming such big dreams
Too big to hold inside her head
When she was not asleep

Once there was a Little Someone
Looking for a place
To hold her dreams when morning came
And she was wide awake

So she brought them to the ocean
And said, “Excuse me, Sea,
I’m too small to hold my dreams.
Could you hold them for me?”

But the ocean swayed and shook its head
And said, “I can’t, my dear.
My waves will carry them away.
When you come back, they won’t be here.”

So she brought them to the rolling hills
And said, “Do you have room?
To hold my dreams and keep them safe,
If I give them to you?”

The hills just sighed and said, “I do.
There’s space for all your dreams.
But my slopes are slippery, you see,
They’ll slide away from me.”

So she looked for somewhere flat, and saw
A branch up in a tree.
“That’s it!” she thought, “it’s flat and high
So no one else can reach.”

The tree said, “Sure! Pile them on!”
But the dreams just weighed it down.
And with a CRACK they tumbled off
And spilled onto the ground.

The Little Someone searched and saw
The sky twinkle and flash.
At last, she’d found the perfect place--
Still and strong and flat.

The sky could hold her dreams!
And so she gave them to the stars.
And every day she knows her dreams
Are safely in their arms.  

Once there was a Little Someone
And she loves that night-sky blue,
Because that’s where her dreams wait for her
And where your dreams wait for you.  

Love Love Love, Kat

*** Beautiful Photo by Emily Gilloon

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  1. how it just needs music, and its a song. ;o)